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Weapons seized, though no evidence of violent crimes present

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Sometimes the appearance of a scene can cast an entirely unfavourable light on matters. Despite a lack of any immediately obvious links to violent crimes or criminal activity, police seized a large collection of weapons recently. A man living north of Toronto is now facing a long list of charges as a result.

During the evening of March 5, Barrie police acting on a tip raided a Yonge Street home. Tactical officers entered the home and found a large cache of weapons strewn about the premises. Numerous prohibited weapons were discovered, including long guns, miniature cannons and a cane with a sword inside. Some of the guns were reportedly loaded.

The 57-year-old male resident was arrested without resistance. Officers returned on March 6 with a search warrant, at which time they seized 31 firearms (of which 20 were antiques), the cane-sword and large quantities of ammunition. Police do not believe a danger to the public existed, though they don’t know what, if any, intentions the accused had for the weapons. Charges against the man include two counts of careless storage of a firearm, careless use of a firearm, unauthorized possession of a firearm and more. Other charges may be pending.

In the absence of any overt criminal activity, the raid no doubt came as a shock to the accused individual. A complicated case like this one will require a carefully planned and executed defence strategy. A Toronto lawyer who is not afraid of cases potentially involving violent crimes will scrutinize every aspect of a situation and work diligently toward a satisfactory conclusion.

Source: Toronto Sun, “Barrie man facing multiple charges after guns, ammo, weapons seized“, Bob Bruton, March 7, 2017

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