Young man accused of sexual assault on Toronto bus

Young man accused of sexual assault on Toronto bus

On behalf of Neuberger & Partners LLP posted in Sexual Assault on Thursday January 31, 2013.

There are certain crimes that stir up strong emotions within Toronto and there is no doubt that sex crimes can raise negative feelings. Being accused of a sexual assault, for example, comes with more than the threat of serious consequences. Someone fighting sex crimes allegations will also have to deal with the negative social impact of being considered a sexual offender, even if he or she has not be convicted. It is highly recommended that anyone in Toronto accused of sexual assault seek out a criminal defence lawyer immediately.

For someone to be prosecuted for a sex crime, however, there should be some understanding that what he or she did was not only criminal, but also wrong. If someone’s actions are outside the scope of his or her understanding, can we really find him guilty of a crime? This comes into play when considering a suspect with mental health issues. In this story, the suspect accused of sexually assaulting a woman on a Toronto Transit Commission bus is believed to have some mental health concerns.

The 24-year-old man who police believe is responsible for assaulting a 25-year-old woman in Jane and Finch may have some mental health problems. The woman told police that she had been travelling on the Downsview 108 bus at approximately 6:30 p.m. when the man allegedly assaulted her. It is not entirely clear what happened or with what kinds of mental health issues the man is living, but police are looking for him.

A police spokeswoman has said that the man is known to police, which may mean he already has a criminal record. In addition to dealing with the complexities and negative emotions associated with a sex crimes allegation, he may also have to confront prejudice for a previous record.

Because of the presumptions that follow a sexual assault accusation, it is important to consult a criminal defense lawyer as soon as police begin an investigation.

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