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Young man charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle

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Everyone makes mistakes; this is an unavoidable fact of life. Some mistakes are relatively minor, like forgetting to turn the lights off when leaving home. Some are more major. Although most of us in Toronto wish our mistakes to be forgiven, when a mistake becomes criminal, it can mean serious punishment, a criminal record and all the negative consequences that come with both. When those mistakes are made young (as they so often are), the effects of a criminal conviction can haunt someone for years to come.

For a young man from Tilbury, he could be facing a rough time if convicted of impaired driving and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. The 22-year-old was stopped in the early morning by Chatham-Kent police in Tilbury. It is not entirely clear what drew police to this driver as reports do not indicate that he was swerving, drifting or otherwise driving dangerously. Once stopped, however, he was arrested and held.

Though released on a Promise to Appear, this young man could be facing years of hardship if convicted. Not only would a drunk driving charge stay on his record, but it might also prevent him from crossing into the United States. He would have to deal with driving restrictions, fines and potentially time in jail.

Again, everyone makes mistakes and what is important is that we learn from them. Even if it is true that this young man was driving over 80, it would be better to teach him the danger of impaired driving without setting him up for a difficult future by giving him a criminal record.

Source: WindsoriteDOTca, “Drunk Driving Charge In Tilbury,” Liz Thorne, March 22, 2014

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